Cafe Marly and Other Parisian Fantasies

Last Monday, Laura Florand gave us an incredible list of her Paris favorites. I’ve been dreaming of Paris ever since. (As if it’s ever far from my wandering mind.)

Did you read R is For Rebel? Which Paris locale that Abby and Eliot visited stole your heart? They stayed at the Ritz, reunited over dinner at La Coupole. Ate breakfast at Angelina. Had coffee together at Marly in the Louvre. And on and on. 🙂

Fantasy Fashion

Old Words: paillette: 1387 in French, a cereal grain; about 1843 in English, with regard to fashion.

French and fabulous, the paillette is in its rudest form a metallic spangle. In its most glorious? It adorns a gown like this one from Christian Dior…that Eliot borrowed from the Metropolitan Museum for Abby in R IS FOR REBEL:


Vintage Dior gown, 1949 Venus, Metropolitan Museum

I spend a lot of time some time an appropriate amount of time on Pinterest gazing at inspiration photos for my novels. Have you seen my board for Abby and Eliot?

Would you add any pins to it if you could? I’d love to see them; leave a links in the comments.