R is for Rebel



Being royal isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…

Abigail Heyworth, youngest daughter of the 18th Duke of Northrop, is not your typical British royal—she’ll take a recycling drive over a charity ball any day. She can’t stand hats and heels. Abby’s not getting much sympathy, of course, because everyone thinks the life of royalty is so charmed.

But to Abigail, keeping up appearances is unbearable, while running away doesn’t seem to work either. Just when she feels like she’s getting whiplash from swinging between flat-out rebellion to miserable capitulation, Abigail meets an all-American self-made millionaire who challenges her on every level.

It may turn out that what Abigail is searching for kind of resembles the American Dream…


“As the two circle each other, sexual awareness blazing between them, Abby begins to feel that her feelings for Eliot are all or nothing, and she’s not sure which is more frightening. Mulry is a sizzling writer, and her way with words and sigh-worthy romantic highs, not to mention scorching sexual tension, is dynamic and elegant.” – Kirkus Reviews

“This is a sexy, flirty, humorous, emotional and epic contemporary romance. Oh, and the lingerie…don’t get Eliot and I started on that!” –Maya Rodale, Huffington Post

“Mulry writes expensive lingerie, fancy parties, executive level jobs, and private jets. The families are intense, the relationships are passionate, and the celebrations are fantastical whirlwinds. It all makes for a riveting read.” –Random Book Muses


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R IS FOR REBEL, Unruly Royals #4, February 2014