Bound to Be a Bride



An exciting erotic novella from acclaimed author Megan Mulry set in Napoleonic Spain. Featuring the sensual art of Japanese rope binding, this is a fresh and intriguing spin on BDSM.

Seventeen-year-old Isabella (Doña Isabella de Suárez de Figueroa y Córdoba), daughter of the Duke of Feria, is preparing for her arranged marriage to the son of a wealthy aristocrat. On the morning of her wedding day, after weeks of planning, Isabella escapes from the palace, believing she is riding to freedom.

Unfortunately, after only a few hours on horseback, Isabella happens upon a small band of three gentlemen who restrain her and take her hostage. Ultimately, after they realize she is most likely a woman of privilege, they offer their assistance, as all of them are also headed to Aveiro, a port city in Portugal, to escape their familial obligations.

While they are traveling, Isabella and Javier, the leader, develop a tender affection. When Javi (Francisco Javier de la Mina) insists on binding Isabella’s wrists and ankles each night—ostensibly to prevent her escape or theft of their goods-the ritual soon turns into a heated game of unspoken sexual promise that is ultimately consummated when they discover their true identities.


“I thoroughly enjoyed reading Bound to Be a Bride. So often I find that historical romances lack in the historical detail, but that is not the case with this beautiful story. If you are looking for a well written historical romance you can’t go wrong with Bound to Be a Bride!” –Harlequin Junkie

“Fast paced and quick read…you don’t want to miss this intriguing story.” –My Book Addiction and More


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BOUND TO BE A BRIDE, Regency Reimagined #0.5, March 2013