Happy Almost New Year!

Tonight on Facebook, I am jointing a few author friends to say goodbye to 2014 and welcome 2015. Please stop by and meet Anne Calhoun, Tessa Dare, Jeffe Kennedy, Miranda Neville, and Maisey Yates. Several of these authors also have new releases out today, so we will be giving away lots of prizes (including a sparkly new Kindle) and probably chatting about everything from dukes to dominance to desert sheikhs. Here is the link: Facebook Party

Meanwhile, I’m feeling sort of nostalgic. It’s been a busy, productive twelve months in my writing life: R IS FOR REBEL came out in February, BOUND TO BE A GROOM came out in April, and ROULETTE came out in December. I went to conferences and author meet-ups in New Orleans and Boston and New York. I got to spend time with some of my favorite people and I am finally starting to realize that even though the years feel like they pass in a blink, friendships deepen and bonds strengthen over time, not in a blink. On the home front, no one died! YAY! I know that sounds morbid or crass or whatever, but the truth is, the past few years have been pretty hair-raising and 2014 was slightly less hair-raising in the death department. Plenty of hiccups, but no cancer in the house. Just for today!

Here’s hoping you are all able to find a few things to be grateful for in 2014, and that you are looking forward to a peaceful and happy 2015!

xx Megan

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