Roulette is here!

Whoops! So of course I totally forgot to send out a newsletter or post a blog on ROULETTE’s release day, because that would have been way too organized! I guess I was busy getting all fluttery about the nice reviews and reader responses that started to roll in and *sigh* it was all quite wonderful. Here are some of the highlights:

Elisabeth Lane has this fabulous blog where she creates meals that tie in with romance novel reviews. I love her cooking and photography and her insights. She had this to say about Rome: “His first two scenes in the book are utter perfection, first in a confrontational phone call with Miki about business dealings he’d had with her father and then again when they finally meet in person.” Link here: Cooking Up Romance

Next there was this review at Heroes & Heartbreakers that nearly blew my socks off because of how much the reviewer focused on details that, as a writer, sometimes feel superfluous or indulgent. It was incredibly gratifying. “Every little thing that you don’t usually pay attention to is perfect…I’m so glad I read Roulette, and I already know I’ll be re-reading it.” Link here: Heroes & Heartbreakers

Then the day rounded out with a bang when ROULETTE was listed in The Washington Post by Sarah MacLean as one of the “Best new romance novels for December.” This made me double-crazy-happy because 1) duh, The. Washington. Post. and 2) Sarah MacLean is one of my favorite historical romance writers, so I got all blushy and weird thinking about her reading my book and actually liking it. Link here: The Washington Post

So that’s what other people are saying. Meanwhile, I’ve been chatting up a storm about ROULETTE on various blogs. You can find me jawing about playboys, steamy contemporary romances, adventurous women, and all manner of mayhem at the following sites:

The Romance Reader’s Guide to Recognizing a Playboy (Herding Cats, Burning Soup)

Slow burn to scorching: Why we love contemporaries (USA Today)

How to Spot a Modern Day Playboy (Night Owl Reviews)

Miki’s Bucket List for the Adventurous Woman (Fresh Fiction)

Finally, if you’ve already finished ROULETTE and are looking for something new, here’s what I’ve been reading and loving lately:

Historical Romance:

Christmas in the Duke’s Arms by Grace Burrowes, Miranda Neville, Carolyn Jewel, Shana Galen

Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover by Sarah MacLean

Erotica/Contemporary Romance:

Personal Geography by Tamsen Parker

Callie, Unwrapped by Amy Jo Cousins


Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit by Jeanette Winterson


xx, Megan

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