Happy Birthday Anne Calhoun!


I know there are lots of other things happening in the world today, but I’ve cried away the morning and now it’s time to turn my face to the sun. Actually, it’s cloudy and about to rain here in Florida, but you know what I mean–metaphorically speaking and all that. Here comes the happy!

There is an online party going on and all sorts of shenanigans organized by Jeffe Kennedy to celebrate the wonderful Anne Calhoun’s birthday. If you’ve read any of Anne’s books, you know this is definitely a day worth celebrating! If you haven’t read any of her books (uh, why not?) go here now and pre-order her newest novella, Afternoon Delight, which comes out next week.

Meanwhile, If you’re on Twitter, snap pic of your morning coffee or say a quick word, then slap on the #annebday hashtag. If you are a Facebook user, there’s a virtual party going on if you click here.

And that’s all there is to it! Happy Happy HAPPY Birthday Anne!