Let’s Talk About Romance…and Dance Around the Kitchen

If you don’t know the name Bobbi Dumas, you need to learn it. And read her work.

But you’ve probably already read her work without realizing it (check for the bylines on your favorite reviews and articles). She is a wonderful voice in journalism and a staunch supporter of romance. You might recognize ReadARomanceMonth.com, a movement and website she founded to promote the idea that romance matters.

In her most recent post on the KIRKUS blog, she recounts a powerful conversation she had with a friend regarding book recommendations and the power of romance. Dumas sincerely believes “romance novels can help women feel uplifted, inspired and empowered,” and so do I. Oh, so do I!

And in the spirit of recommending romance to your friends, she asked three authors—Eloisa James, Kristan Higgins, and Karen Rose—to share their recommendations.


Excuse me for a moment while I waltz around my kitchen because Eloisa James is “psyched to learn” about my forthcoming release!

Click above to read more about what Eloisa James has to say about Bound to Be a Groom —and add the other titles to your lists. My TBR, it grows daily!

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