Big Juicy Excerpt from ‘Bound to Be a Groom’

Yay! My next release, BOUND TO BE A GROOM (Riptide Publishing, April 2014), has gone to print and you can read a big, juicy excerpt here: Goodreads (click on the button below the book cover marked “read excerpt”).

Now, just to give you all a heads-up, this is a very naughty, X-rated historical with four (yes, you read that correctly, FOUR) protagonists. *whispers: yes, there is a four-way menage love scene* All of the characters are bisexual and they all have sex. Explicit on-the-page sex. With each other. Anna and Pia. Sebastian and Farleigh. Sebastian and Anna. Pia and Farleigh. You get the drift.

It turns out I love writing in these two very different fictional worlds—hot, steamy, BDSM historicals and sparkly, jet-setty, glamorous contemporaries. Of course, I want readers to enjoy both worlds, but I *totally* understand if you prefer one or the other. That said, I hope you’ll find Sebastian and Anna and Pia—and eventually Farleigh, the British duke who shows up a bit later in the story—as delightful and engaging as I did (after they invaded my imagination and demanded I write their sex-steeped escapades while I was on holiday in Cartagena).

Happy reading!

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